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Episode I: Black in Switzerland


Victoria gave us the lowdown on what it’s like to be black in Geneva, Switzerland. What we’ve learned? It’s safe and the perfect country for a woman to travel solo & Swiss men are down with the cocoa so you won’t have any problems getting some Imported Chocolate lovin’ on. Now we have some extra goodies for you! Check them out below!

Victoria’s Playlist

Jam out to our guest, Victoria’s, top five songs and discover some ear candy for your own travel playlist!



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Snap: vickycerqueira
Instagram: @vickycerqueira
Twitter: @vickycerqueira

Victoria’s Top Five Foodie Recs

1. Raclette


2. Fondue à la tomate


3. Fondue

Swiss Fondue!

Swiss Fondue!

4. Chucrute

Swiss Chucrute!

Swiss Chucrute!

5. Meringue avec la crème double de gruyère


Victoria’s Top Swiss Day Trip Getaway!




Episode II: Lost In London

Lost in London with Ms. Rio Jay.

For our second episode, we’re sipping on some hot chocolate getting lost in London with Ms. Rio Jay. Rio gives us some exclusive off the beaten path tidbits about London, including her favorite hair salon, and we talk about her upcoming move to Sierra Leone!

Follow Rio on Instagram @MsRioJay, or on Twitter @MsRioJay

Check out Rio’s dope playlist with her top five. I loved it and have some new artist to add to my fave list! I hope you enjoy it too!

Episode III: Black Girl Magic Traveling While Psychic

Black Girl Magic! Traveling While Psychic

For our third episode, we catch up with Essence magazine featured and real life Psychic Zya. We talk all things travel and spirituality and discuss travel destinations called Earth Chakras and how to keep your vibrations high as well as advice for sensitive, emphatic or psychic travelers. Zya is offering $15 off any of her readings, a special offer for my readers! Use code IC15 at checkout. It’s good until April 1st, 2017.

Check out Zya’s Essence article on spiritual awakening tips.

Psychic Zya helps you discover your spiritual awakening. Essence Magazine.


Psychic Zya gives you spiritual awakening tips. Essence Magazine.

You can follow Zya on Instagram @psychiczya or on Twitter @najwamoses or on Facebook.

To book a reading with Zya, visit her at


Zya’s Travel Playlist


Zya’s Travels

Zya horsing around in London.


Chillin’ in Angkor Wat, Cambodia.


Black Girl Magic in VIETNAM Ho Chi Minh.


Psychic Zya teaching in Geoje South Korea with her students.


Riding around Penang Malaysia.


Psychic Zya in Bali with Shaman actor.



Episode IV: RV Life! One Black Woman’s Adventures on the Road

For our fourth episode, Chisom of Zafina Explores takes a break from her road trip around North America to share her unique experience living in her RV and traveling around the country. She also gives safety tips and the 411 on planning for women who would also like to live a life on the road. She’s a modern day Bessie Stringfield!

You can find Chisom sharing beautiful photos from her trip on Instagram @zafina_explores.

Relax to Chisom’s zen top five Road Trip Playlist.

Check Out These Pics from Chisom’s Adventures on the Road

Sunny skies and her RV. This black woman travel’s around the United States in her camper.