Black Girl’s Guide to Buenos Aires


W hat’s it like for a black woman in a country whose nickname is Land of the Vanishing Blacks? This is the question on a black woman’s mind when she thinks about or plans on visiting Buenos Aires, Argentina. I had this same question when I was 22 and planning my journey to Buenos Aires. I was afraid to visit once I heard about the population’s lack of color. To no avail, I searched bookstores for memoirs and guides about the black experience in Buenos Aires. I immediately I began to have anxieties about issues ranging from how I would be received to how I would maintain my hair. Despite these fears, I got on the plane anyway.

To entertain myself and deal with the sometimes crazy adventures I experienced while living in Buenos Aires as a black woman, I wrote a blog entitled “Hola, Morocha: Black Girls Guide to Buenos Aires.

The blog is no longer active and I have since compiled the stories from the blog into a book I am working very hard to get into your hands. It will be the ultimate companion book for any black woman moving to or visiting Buenos Aires for the first time; it’s also a book for women who are thirsting to read more travel memoirs by women of color. And it’s written with love from yours truly: La Morocha, the black girl Buenos Aires expert! The book is titled “ Hola, Morocha: Black Girl’s Guide to Buenos Aires,” and is a travel narrative/travel guide hybrid. Hola, Morocha is written in the conversational tone of a best friend; it’s kind of like walking around with your best friend in your purse or eBook reader— a companion to make your journey less daunting.

After reading my memoirs (which feature hot Argentine men ;0)) you will feel like you’ve lived in Buenos Aires before your feet touches Argentine soil! The book is forthcoming and not quite ready yet, but if you’re itching for a Buenos Aires fix now—have no fear! You’ve come to the right page! Below you will find all the Buenos Aires goodies I have to offer.

Want A Sneak Peek of Hola, Morocha!?
Check out an exclusive excerpt of the first 40 pages! I’ve removed the 40 page excerpt because I have re-written a majority of Hola, Morocha! And will be releasing book 1 in winter 2017! Stay tuned!


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