About Imported Chocolate

Who is an Imported Chocolate?

An Imported Chocolate is the college student planning a semester abroad somewhere new and exciting. She is the girl who just broke up with her commitment-deficient boyfriend and is ready to do her own thing by traveling to a far-off place filled with gorgeous men to lick her wounds. She is an employee in a dead-end job who has always fantasized about traveling and getting away from it all. So she reads about the travels of other women as a form of escapism from her everyday life. She reads this to be inspired to go on her own limitless journeys and now knows it’s possible.

She is one of the many frustrated readers thirsting for a bigger selection of travel memoirs by women of color, but who can’t seem to find anything hip and current on bookshelves. She is the single girl on the go already traveling, looking to have fun off the beaten path and searching for the next hip city.

This is a blog I built especially for you, to foster a travel readership and community among women of color — or women who love to travel — from all over the world. Whether you’re from North America, South America, the Caribbean, Asia, Africa, Antarctica, Australia or Europe — you should never hesitate to travel because of the color of your skin. Imported Chocolate exists to remind you that you are beautiful, a citizen of the world first and a color second.

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