About Me

Jennifer Poe was born and raised in New York City. From the first moment a pencil was placed in her tiny fingers, and she was taught how to write, Jennifer associated periods with her heartbeat and she knew she would never stop writing. She began her artistic career as an underground writer and poet on the Lower East Side. In 2006, New York magazine nominated her as one of the top twenty-seven people under the age of twenty-six to be famous by 2010, and profiled her again in December 2010 in an update article. Her writing has been published in Clutch magazine; Zaji magazine; Beyondblackwhite.com; American Airlines, Black Atlas and in an anthology made up of young women authors, endorsed by Eve Ensler, titled We Got Issues.

She is a world traveler and travels on her own time and at her own pace. She’s traveled to Paris; Rome, Florence, Venice, Verona and Sicily, Italy; Barbados; England; Amsterdam; Uruguay; Brazil and lived in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Jennifer moved to Buenos Aires and chronicled her experience living as a black woman in the city in a collection of travel essays titled Hola, Morocha! to be released summer 2017. She has since founded Imported Chocolate, a travel blog to promote travel among women of color. Her mission and goal in life is to write until her heart ceases to beat and to inspire and encourage newbie travelers all over the world to take to the skies. She resides in Manhattan.