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September 8, 2017
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Hey Everyone!

A friend shared with me that during her first around the world trip, some advice that I gave her about culture shock kept her going. She suggested that I put something together that will help travelers get through the stages of culture shock. So I did!

I created a free course to help those who live abroad—especially for the first time—overcome culture shock! If you live abroad yourself or know someone who is about to study abroad please share this course with them. My course includes four audio lectures that take students through the four stages of culture shock and how to overcome them. I include positive affirmations that will manifest success and a relaxation method to ease anxiety and the negativity from doubt. I also include an action plan to eliminate loneliness and build your tribe abroad. And you can complete the course in 10 minutes or less! It truly is for the traveler on the go!

You can access my course here:

I hope you enjoy!

Happy travels!!


  1. Sharon says:

    Hi, I am very interested in the course, is there an online version?

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