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August 1, 2017
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September 8, 2017
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Author Jennifer Poe is interviewed by Beyond Black and White

Hey Y’all!

I just want to fill you in on some things in case you missed them and let you know I’m leaving for Toronto on Thursday morning!

I decided to take the bus there, It’s a straight shot from New York, so Toronto is easy to get to, but it takes 9-10 hours. I know, I know, I know. I’m crazy, but you all knew that. Ha! I wanted this to be an adventure, something I’ve never done before. I wanted to hop on a bus and go to a city where no one knows my face or name. I wanted to challenge myself and do things that made me feel uncomfortable.

I have my whole trip planned already and I know all the things I’m going to do and am looking forward to hitting up this oasis that is a haven for black women. And guess what? I’ll be reporting live from Toronto. My computer is too valuable to take with me on a bus trip–I just don’t trust it– so I’ll be using Instagram from my phone to go live. I’ll be using Instagram and Instagram only so make sure you follow me on Instagram @jenpoeauthor to keep up with the action.


I had my first radio interview as an Author on one of my favorite radio shows: TK in the AM.

TK in the AM episode interviews a black woman on her travels to Buenos Aires Argentina and her memoirs she wrote based on her travels there.

Jennifer Poe in the studio doing my first radio interview as an author.

If you missed it, check out the replay here.

Chrisetlyn Karazin of Beyond Black and White fame interviewed me Y’all!!! And she did a review of the book and mentioned my book in her live chat! Check out her review here.

Here’s our interview

& her live chat here.

Also, I partnered with The Black Expat to participate in a live Twitter chat. The discussion? Being a newbie living abroad. You can check out the conversation by following the hashtag #theblackexpatchat on Twitter here.

I have another awesome collaboration coming up with Pretty Entrepreneur and it will feature an awesome giveaway. Like the Imported Chocolate Facebook page so you won’t miss it!

That’s all for now. See you in Toronto!



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