My Memoir About the Black Experience Abroad in Buenos Aires Hit the Amazon Bestseller List: Hola Morocha!

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July 31, 2017
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August 29, 2017
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My Memoir About the Black Experience Abroad in Buenos Aires Hit the Amazon Bestseller List: Hola Morocha!

Discovering my book hit the Bestseller list on Amazon.

Discovering my book hit the Bestseller list on Amazon.

You can grab your copy of Hola, Morocha! here.

Wow! What an amazing day yesterday. I’m still suffering from a lack of sleep, but instead of losing zzz’s over whether Hola Morocha’s book launch would go well, I was losing them over an adrenaline high from accomplishing my launch day goal: hitting #1 and getting on the Amazon Bestseller List!

As you know, this has been a long journey for me. Some of you have been here with me from the very beginning, when Imported Chocolate started out on with that ugly design! Lol! You were here when it was redesigned into a cute new style with its little slide show and you followed me all the way to what it is today.

But, what I am most grateful for, is that you stuck with me when Hola, Morocha! was just a seed of an idea and came along with me to see it put on paper and bound into the awesome book it has become today. Thank you!

This was no easy task. For a full year, I spent my days and nights getting this baby off the ground. I had the stressful all or nothing experience of Kickstarter and conquered that, then my beloved sister passed away and I thought I was done, wanted to give up everything and in a moment of temporary grief-insanity, wanted to follow her to the grave. But I had to stay strong and keep, not only my family together, but my life. I had to keep pushing because my sister couldn’t anymore and my sister did not believe in giving up. And giving up would dishonor her.

So I worked tirelessly, reached out to organizations that helped women business owners and got serious about this stuff. I registered Imported Chocolate as an official business/publishing company, hired editors, designers and web developers, designed promotional material, learned the shit out of book marketing, basic coding and publishing on Amazon. Sometimes, I didn’t go to sleep until 4am because I was putting together my sales channels. I woke up at 6am to prepare for the launch, spent time on the phone with Amazon and iBooks and Barnes & Noble to make sure my book pages would me straight and ready to go (though iBooks and Barnes & Noble are still playing games. They are slow as hell!) I had to be a full on author and publisher.

The night before the big launch and the day of, I had “that” feeling in my stomach: birds flying kamikaze. It’s the same feeling I get before I travel. Fear of the unknown. Hopeful for the unexpected. Some doubt that things would turn out OK. I set my book marketing plan into action and set all my promos and posts to go live at 11:11, the hour of the angels and higher consciousness. I needed my guides on my side.

Sales trickled in at first. My goal was to at least hit number #1 in the Buenos Aires spot. I knew it would be hard, but that would be more possible to pull off. To hit #1 in Solo was on my wish list, but I knew that would be harder. There were bigger sharks in those waters and more competition. I hit the number two spot in Buenos Aires fairly early, but #2 wasn’t good enough. Even if it was for just one day, all I wanted for my launch day was for Hola, Morocha! to debut in a #1 spot. So I pushed harder. Promoted harder, was starting to feel discouraged when I saw it wasn’t moving from the #2 spot.

Then something beautiful happened. My beloved readers came through for me. By 6:00pm, this happened:

Discovering my book hit the Bestseller list on Amazon.

I was overjoyed! I was even ranking high in the Solo travel spot which I didn’t think I could do. I thought it was a flash in the pan that sales would slow, but then this happened:

I hit #1 in Solo Travel too! I was even listed as a new release in good company. Itty bitty and in the corner, but still there!

Even the kindle version of my book started ranking high. I was hoping to crack the top ten and move up closer to Eat Pray Love. I didn’t achieve that, but hey, at least I got on the same page as it and I have 6- months to a year to achieve that goal. Baby steps.

I still thought it was a flash in the pan, but by midnight, I saw this!

Not only did I hit #1 in one spot! I hit it in three! When I woke up this morning it was still ranking high. This isn’t over. I will have to continue to promote and work hard to get the word out there about Hola, Morocha! Rankings fluctuate all the time, so I will have to work hard to keep Hola, Morocha at the top. I know there will be some slow days, but for now, I’m so happy to take this journey.

And change my bio to this….

I plan to get some sleep tonight and get some much needed rest. But this weekend I will celebrate my great accomplishment! Have a terrific week!

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