Author Photo Unveiling: Hola Morocha Update and How to Stop Waiting for Validation/Permission & Achieve your Dreams Now

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October 17, 2016
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December 12, 2016
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Author Photo Unveiling: Hola Morocha Update and How to Stop Waiting for Validation/Permission & Achieve your Dreams Now

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On The Creative Process

I want to share everything about the process of publishing a book with you guys, even the fun creative parts. Hola, Morocha is going through every stage it would go through if it were being published by a big house. So you’ll get a peek inside what it takes to publish a book.

Last weekend I had my first professional photo shoot. I had a long discussion with myself and decided it was time to have professional photos taken of me that represent who I am and my creative self. It was more than just stepping in front of a camera and smiling for me. I wanted the pictures to represent travel, the words that I write, what’s inside my soul and my new spirituality of embracing my Divine Feminine. I wanted people to see “travel writing Goddess” when they looked at the photos.

The first step was to find a photographer whose imagery I connected with. I didn’t want to do a Google search and find one of those stiff studio situations. So the millennial in me knew the best place to look was the leading social media platform for state of the art imagery—Instagram.

I searched the hashtag photographer and decided I wouldn’t stop until I came across an image that signaled my gut. About twenty minutes in, I found Carlos of Indivisualistic Photography and fell in love with his style.When I read that he was a born and raised New Yorker and focused on capturing his clients in their true essence and made sure they’re relaxed and comfortable, I was sold!

Carlos and I decided on a shoot at the NYC Transit Museum in Brooklyn (which I recommend to everyone! Walking through the vintage trains was like striding through different decades) and a café in Dumbo. Of course I was nervous the morning of the shoot. I had never worked with a professional in this capacity before. I’m not a model, I had no idea how to work the camera and I worried that people would stare at me in public, while we were photographing and think, “What the hell is she doing?” But despite my fears and doubts, I showed up. I put on my shoot outfit a little make up and remembered Maya Angelou’s message about showing up to any situation with the spirit of everyone who loves and believes in you, both living and dead and I showed up. I truly believe one of the rules for successes is showing up despite everything and anything. Just show up.

As a result, I had an amazing shoot. Even as I waited for Carlos, two employees at the museum were very hospitable to me and let me wait inside before it opened up and even let me buy my ticket first before the long line formed. Some people admired my outfit, probably wondering why I was so dressed up early in the AM, but I was incredibly comfortable when I was shooting and No one stared or gave us funny looks (God I love New York) and Carlos made my first professional shoot fun and comfortable!

On Edits & Hola, Morocha

I picked the perfect editor for Hola, Morocha and just received my first round of edits from her. I agree with all her editorial suggestions and believe that Hola, Morocha will be a much stronger book because of them!

I took time off from October 18th to October 24th to work on the edits and nailed them! I just received and email from her with the second round of edits and she is very pleased! She said she wanted to give me a high five when she read my improvements. The best news is, the second round of edits will be a breeze to get through and then we move on to copy edits. These two round of edits were for content. Now we’ll be doing more proofreading stuff. Then I’ll be moving on to cover and interior design! I’m so excited!

On Not Waiting for Permission or Validation & Going for Your Dreams

In the midst of all this, I had to stop and congratulate myself. Sometimes as a creative, we keep going and going and going and we don’t stop to enjoy the little things about the process. I mean, I’m like PUBLISHING A BOOK! I’m hiring professionals to publish a high quality book and everything is coming together smoothly. And I’m doing it without permission so I’m doing it my way.

There’s a lot to be said about going against traditional channels and having creative control. You can be innovative. I mean, look what Netflix is doing now. Now is the time for everyone to make their dream a reality without big corporations behind them. Anything is possible. There are no limits. You can do this! I have so much to share and in store in the coming months and I can’t wait to make you a part of it!

Now, without further ado….The results of my Author photo shoot!















  1. Shirice says:

    I loooooovvvveee these photos! He captured you so well!! You should put copies of these all over your house! So beautiful! I’m so excited for you Jen and all the amazing things you will experience in your Hola Morocha journey!

  2. Marjorie says:

    Gorgeous pix Jennifer!

  3. M.poe says:

    You’re my sister so but without bias, I would still say you’re the most beautiful person to me

  4. Natoya says:

    Girl you look amazing! Found you on YouTube years ago when I really needed to find black women that traveled. You have grown so much! Inspired!! ☺️

  5. Guillaume says:

    Ces photos sont vraiment magnifiques !!! C’est pour le livre ?

  6. You are beautiful inside and outside without bias Goddess

  7. You already know how I feel about your photos and your publishing journey! Love you much Lil Sis! 🙂

  8. Nikeka Poe says:

    My Beautiful Beautiful Sister! I Loveee the Pictures! I am so Proud of you and all of your accomplishments!
    Continue to strive !! Love you

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