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July 19, 2016
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August 27, 2016
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In 2011, I started Imported Chocolate with the intent to form a supportive and empowering hub for women of color interested in traveling the world. I’m sure you’ve heard the quote, “Traveling is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” I firmly believe this, but I also believe it is instrumental in smiting down stereotypes and building human relations. The state of affairs in this country on the issues of race is grim and I’m sure we all want to make a greater impact to bring about change. My power is the written word and my contribution is creating the resources and inspiration for women of color to travel, leave their mark on the world and educate others about who people of color really are: stunning, worldly, fearless and friendly beings. 

I need your help to bring my biggest project birthed from this blog and journey into fruition: my book “Hola, Morocha! A Black Woman’s Adventures in Buenos Aires: Culture Shock, a book that I plan to use some of the proceeds from to benefit women of color travelers in a more dynamic way. You’ll learn more about that soon enough.  Most of you know how long I’ve been working on this and some of you cheered me on, stood by me and got me to this point. I’m terrified. I’ve never done a Kickstarter before, but I have faith and I believe in my audience and myself. 

You can help by making a pledge to the campaign and spreading the word all over your social media accounts. My goal is humble and can be achieved if just 12 people pledged at each tier level, though there are some really cool rewards at each level, so you’ll be tempted to pledge more. I’ve also made the pledge tiers affordable for everyone. I’ll let my Kickstarter video speak for itself. Please click the image below to play it. You can click here to make your pledge.

Thank you so much!

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