Post Cards from Shirice: My Perfect Romantic Vacation in Thailand

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November 5, 2013
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Post Cards from Shirice: My Perfect Romantic Vacation in Thailand

A beach in Thailand

Shirice, a beautiful black woman in Thailand.

Shirice, a beautiful black woman in Thailand.

In February, my boyfriend and I spent a week in Thailand between Koh Chang and Bangkok. It is for sure my favorite country. We arrived at the Suvanarbhumi Airport in Bangkok and rode in a chartered van to the pier. Upon getting to the pier, we rode a ferry to the small island Koh Chang. Our van drove onto the ferry as well so once docked, we hopped back into the van and continued driving to the resort. We stayed at Siam Beach Resort. It was moderately priced, clean, beautiful, right on the beach and close to many other resorts, restaurants and bars. It was a sweet quiet getaway.

Koh Chang is a quiet, comfy beautiful island to the southeast of Bangkok. You may have heard of Phuket and Koh Samui, those are the more popular destinations for those looking for more of a thrill, more of a non stop party—a lot more touristy. For Adam and I, we just wanted to relax for a few days then party in Bangkok later.

We stayed in a little wooden bungalow on stilts on the side of a heavily wooded hill. There were monkeys everywhere and lizards too! I loved it! It was nice and simple; we were at one with nature. Just a short five minute walk away, was the beautiful beach. We spent every morning and evening in that ocean. We also rented a scooter from our resort and toured the island. It was wonderful. The wind blew as we rode and I couldn’t help but smile at the beauty all around us: Steep hills; winding roads; tall trees with monkeys and birds going from branch to branch; beautiful views of the ocean; tiny roadside bars and restaurants with people talking, eating and laughing. We stopped for lunch at one of the many roadside restaurant shacks and refreshed ourselves with icy coconut shakes. I also ate chicken pad thai noodles and chicken satay. He had a shrimp and pineapple curry. Afterwards, we hopped back on the bike and rode to our resort to take a nap (yup the food hit the spot). After we awoke, we hit the beach for an evening swim before heading into town again (via taxi) to have some drinks and see what the nightlife had to offer. We ended up eating burgers at a restaurant, taking a stroll through the island streets and playing pool at a bar.


The next day, we rode a boat and went snorkeling. It was so much fun! Now, I’m not that great of a swimmer so I freaked out when the boat stopped in the middle of the ocean and everyone hopped off. But after some coaxing from my bf, a life jacket and a snorkel from the boat captain–I slowly climbed down the ladder into the sea. (I originally thought it was simply a boat ride…and maybe we’d dock at another beach and hang out—had no idea we would snorkel…I’ve never snorkeled). I held onto Adam for dear life as he guided me over to some rocks to stand on. Unfortunately those rocks were slippery and the waves were rocking my petite body back and forth!

I focused on trying not to fall and put my face under water to see the most colorful fish I have ever seen. It was amazing! Soon our captain called us back to the boat. While making it back to the boat, Adam stepped on a fish by accident and its thorns went into his foot! I held onto him as he guided me back to the boat and held on too tight, nearly drowning the poor guy. We made it back to the boat and nursed his foot as best we could. We rode over to a beach and had a picnic. Thai style fried rice, salad and watermelon. Then we played in the sand for a bit and snorkeled some more. He was quite the trooper….and…Since we were in shallow water with no rocks etc., I was much more comfortable and continued snorkeling! I watched those fish all afternoon! Ha, ha! (So did he).

Once back at our resort, we were soooo tired but also so happy and a little hungry. We attended a barbecue on the resort. Did I mention how tasty Thai food is??? Ha, ha! We slept like babies till the next day.

After much needed R&R in Koh Chang, we went to Bangkok to get the party started. We spent the day strolling through the busy bustling Khao San Road, bought a few souvenirs from the market place and had lunch and ice cold Chang beers at one of the many restaurants on the roadside. We also visited the beautiful palace grounds. What a sight to behold! It was soooooo beautiful! Be sure to wear pants or a long skirt! Legs are not allowed to be shown.

At night we went club/bar hopping. We had so much fun! We literally danced all night, chit chatted with some other tourists and locals in the area, drank some great mojitos, ate squid from a street car and once again slept so well at our hotel room. We flew back home the next day and I felt so conflicted inside: I was sooo happy to have experienced Thailand and sooo sad to go home. Thailand will always have a special place in my heart.


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