The Adventures Of Black Chicken & Sistah Obama in Morocco: Part I

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September 4, 2013
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September 17, 2013
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Airport Arrakech Enara, Morocco.

Airport Arrakech Enara, Morocco.

Airport Arrakech Enara, Morocco.

The Adventures Of Black Chicken & Sistah Obama in Morocco: Part I By Nadine Steaman

Birthday milestones are celebrated in different ways as you mature. When you’re a child, you celebrate with parties, presents & cake. When you’re a young adult, you celebrate with parties, and…more parties. When you’re an adult, you still want the parties but you want a certain sophistication along with socializing or you may just look a little, well, sad partying like you just graduated from university.

You want more as you age but in different ways: adventure, adrenaline rush—the thrill of something more tangible! If you’re of a certain age you understand where I’m coming from; and, if you’re still celebrating with parties and…more parties, wait a few more years and you’ll get it.

I reached a milestone age a few years back and I found myself starting to organize a party for myself but my heart wasn’t in it. It was going to be fun – think hip hop video vixen and all its slinky glam – and I would be surrounded by friends and family, but then I thought to myself, “I want something more, I want to be somewhere unlike anywhere I have ever been before and I want to ride a camel!”

Now to most, hip hop video vixen may tick all the boxes for a rocking birthday celebration but I worked in the music biz for many years and have seen more than my fair share of the glitzy, entertainment world. So I said “Screw it, I’m riding a camel!”. My sophisticated socializing yearnings kicked in and my trip to Morocco found its inception.

Travel had mostly been purpose driven in my life: for work, vacation with family or to see family and vacations around attending the Summer Olympics. All three reasons for leaving the comforts of home were valid and had taken me to places I would never have ventured, so I am not belittling those experiences. What I wanted was to experience leaving my comfort zone on my own terms, having formulated the itinerary from scratch and researching information on the internet and from guide books.

Never had I travelled to experience a different culture and a different way of living just because I wanted to learn and expand my horizons. I wanted to see a world that was steeped in history and whose priorities weren’t necessarily owning the latest designer this and electronic that or keeping up with the “Jones”. And boy oh boy Morocco gave me an education in spades.

Joining me on this adventure was my homegirl, Tone Loc*. Ms. Loc is a friend from New York who hungers to see the world as much as I do. She is the perfect travel partner because she is easy going. She can go with the flow be it questionable surroundings or high-class opulence. Most importantly, she can laugh when plans don’t always go accordingly. Let’s just say that the last personality trait was somewhat tested and she was great. Little did we know what we were embarking on when we arrived. In this series, you’ll follow two Imported-chocolate world travelers as they tackle Morocco’s Marrakech & Fez – enjoy!

*Name has been changed to protect the innocent.

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