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Heartbreak to Bliss by Masha Dowell.

Heartbreak to Bliss by Masha Dowell!

Heartbreak to Bliss by Masha Dowell!

We’ve talked about heartbreak here on the blog before and how travel can be the cure for it. So I was both delighted and intrigued to hear that former Imported Chocolate of the Moment, Masha Dowell, created a new webseries chronicling one young woman’s journey and adventure through heartbreak. Masha stopped by Imported Chocolate for a short chat to tell us a little more about her new project!

Imported Chocolate: Hi, Masha! Thanks for stopping by!

Masha: Hi! I’m excited to share with your readers a bit about the series!

Imported Chocolate: So tell us a little more about your series.

Masha: Well, my series is about a romance obsessed filmmaker, Sasha McDougal (played by me), and her journey of heartbreak to bliss.

Imported Chocolate: What inspired you to create the series?

Masha: Well, I love romantic comedies! I really do with all my heart and I wanted to see a project that told a funny story about heartbreak.

Imported Chocolate: Tell us about your character.

Masha: Sasha McDougal is in love with being in love. She is very introspective about love and her life.

Imported Chocolate: If your character, Sasha, could travel anywhere to cure her heartbreak, where would it be and why?

Masha: Maybe France since it’s the birth place of cinema. And Paris is a city for lovers!

Imported Chocolate: What are your thoughts on travel and heartbreak?

Masha: Oh my! I’ve had one major heartbreak in my life, and thank God I had a job where I traveled the world! My heart hurt, but at least I was in Toronto one week, and then Boston, and then the Caribbean the next. Travel is great medicine for a broken heart. Travel is also awesome for a happy heart!

Imported Chocolate: Thanks for stopping by, Masha!

Masha: Thanks for having me!

Tune into the first episode of Heartbreak on May 1st at


  1. Joanna says:

    The series sound like it going to be juicy and Masha character sounds like fun 🙂

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