The Art of Packing: The Best Packing Video I’ve Ever Seen!

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November 6, 2012
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The Art of Packing: The Best Packing Video I’ve Ever Seen!

I am a horrible packer and I think I may have found the video to help me improve my packing skills. I first saw this video on the This Time Now blog a week ago. It’s the best packing video I’ve ever seen! It has also inspired me to pack extremely light from now on. I’ve always fantasized about how amazing it would be to travel with only a duffle bag and my purse. This video has also inspired me to invest in a really chic leather duffle. I hope you enjoy the video as much as I have!


  1. These are pretty cool. I usually roll my clothes but it hasn’t stopped me from overpacking.
    Just realized, Jen, that all three videos feature men. They never carry much!

    • Jennifer says:

      Ha ha! Yes! And I want to start packing like a man. I hate having more than two bags. And I never use half the stuff I pack. It would be heaven to just travel with a duffle and a purse. Heaven I tell you! Heaven! Lol!

  2. A.Nebbs says:

    Although this is impressive, none of them packed an iron and I know their clothes will be hella’ wrinkled. lol See, this is why I struggle to pack light, because with all of the folding and rolling, I think, “Girl, these tops are going to look uber crunchy at this conference just to elude that extra luggage fee.” lol. There’s always something to add; forever doomed *sighs*

  3. […] that are specific to reader interests. This one is dedicated to reader Leshia. Leshia loved the video I posted on how to pack light, but wanted to see some “packing light” tips from a […]

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