The Return to Buenos Aires Pt 2: Upheaval
September 17, 2012
The Return to Buenos Aires Pt 4: I Met a Girl Named Wendy
September 24, 2012
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Note: The following posts are parts from a 45 page journal entry (in word 23 pages), I wrote while in Buenos Aires. The entries were written during my first three days in the city. I had a rough start but by the end of my trip all was ok. However, my final thoughts about my destiny with the city in part 8 still stand true.

P.S. I am including a soundtrack with each post. All the songs are from my “The Return to Buenos Aires” playlist. I hope you enjoy!

Here is part three of the epic journal entry. Don’t forget to read Pt 2 before you read any further.


The taxi driver helped me load my suitcase into the trunk. When I got in the taxi I was already feeling the relief of leaving the unfavorable neighborhood. There is nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable and unsafe in a place you’re staying for a period of time; every sound disturbs you and you feel like you’re suffocating. So when my friend Marianela offered me her apartment free of charge for the rest of my stay, I jumped at the offer, especially since the apartment was a few blocks away from the apartment I stayed in during my first Buenos Aires journey. Because I knew the neighborhood well, I knew the apartment would be a perfect fit.

The sputtering and wheezing of the taxi as the driver tried to start it made me go into full alert. I immediately thought of the broken down taxi scams I read about on the internet: a taxi driver pretends his taxi is broken down in the middle of your trip and miraculously another one shows up to save the day, but you’re force to pay both over priced fares. I wasn’t going to be “that” victim.

I leaned forward and put my hand on the door handle. “Un problema?” I asked, arching an eyebrow.

“Yes. I think so,” he replied in Spanish as he struggled to start the taxi. I was about to tell him to let me out so I could call another taxi when the car roared to life and we pulled off. I snapped my seat belt shut, a little nervous to be riding in a taxi with an engine that could short out at any moment. But then my eyes fell on the Radio Taxi sticker stuck to my window and I leaned back and relaxed, reminding myself that I had called one of the most reputable taxi companies in Buenos Aires.

As we drove to Palermo, I got a few double takes and stares from neighboring cars stopped at red lights. One man elbowed his passenger and told him to look at me. His passenger leaned forward and gave me a “oh they really do exist” look, complete with the surprised eyebrows. Maybe things haven’t changed so much I thought.

The taxi driver let me out at the corner of my destination and I was greeted with a warm hug by Eugenia. Yes, that Eugenia of “Hola, Morocha” fame. After Eugenia set me up in my new safe and peaceful home I was left to finish out my day. Little did I know an important awakening was to come…

(To be continued)


  1. Margaret says:

    Awwwwww man to be continued the suspense is killing me!…lol hmmmm I guess I wait

  2. […] is part four of the epic journal entry. Don’t forget to read Pt 3 before you read any […]

  3. I love the suspense! I’m off to read the next installment! 🙂

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