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August 12, 2012
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A black woman in Buenos Aires!

I’m going to Buenos Aires and I want you to experience the trip with me! Because I’m leaving my laptop behind, safe and sound in the states, I had to get creative and come up with a way to keep you, my lovely readers, in the loop while I am in Buenos Aires. Luckily, I have a creative mind and came up with this: the “Track the Morocha” instagram diary project. For those of you who don’t remember, Morocha is what a dark skinned or haired person is called in Argentina. Since that’s what I’m called when I visit Buenos Aires, I decided it was the perfect name for the project.

I will be using instagram to document my trip every step of the way, and uploading those photos with their fun descriptions to the Imported Chocolate fan page and my twitter profile. There will be a few videos posted too! And the only tools I’m using are my My Touch 4G Slide phone and a phone tripod.

But here is the really fun part: instead of saying “I did this” in my photo descriptions I will be saying “We!” So you can feel like you’re right there with me, even though you’re sitting in front of your phone or computer screen.

To take part in the fun, follow the hash tag #Trackthemorocha on twitter or like the Imported Chocolate fan page to see all the photos and catch all the action. “Track the Morocha” will only take place on Facebook and twitter. This blog will not be updated for two weeks. So make sure you don’t miss the fun!

It all kicks off Monday August 20th, 2012! See you in Buenos Aires!

Note: Buenos Aires photo found via. I do not own any rights.


  1. Euge says:

    thats a great idea!!!!!! buenos aires is waiting for you with open arms!

  2. Yay!! We’re going to Buenos Aires!! And didn’t have to take a day off work!! Sounds like fun. Rhonda and I will definitely be participating!!

  3. AngelQT says:

    Sounds like fun! ¡Qué lo pases re-lindo, chiquilina! 😉

  4. Fatima Abs says:

    I’ll be there with you…

  5. Ohhheeee! I get to go on vacation and I just started a new job! Love this! Thanks mamita! 🙂

  6. […] my Buenos Aires instagram diary “Track The Morocha”? I loved how some of you tweeted or wrote me on Facebook to say how you felt like you were in […]

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