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One of the first things I was told when I arrived in Buenos Aires (it was literally told to me after I got off the plane and met my friend’s father), was that the driving there was really bad. In fact, a group of teenagers died in a tragic car crash a week or two before I arrived. Then one night, when I was being driven home by an Argentine guy, he glanced over at me and told me there were a lot of accidents in Buenos Aires because Argentines “don’t obey the traffic laws.” And then he shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly! Immediately, I made sure my seat belt was secure and gripped my seat. So when I read about the bus accident that happened in Buenos Aires yesterday — it saddened me. But I wasn’t surprised. Seeing a Collectivo (what Argentines call their public busses) squashed against a platform by a train, really hit home for me. I rode those buses almost everyday when I lived in Buenos Aires, so I know just how crazy the bus drivers can get. But to try and beat an on coming train across a track is just poor judgment to the fullest.

My heart bleeds for the lives lost, including the bus driver’s, and I hope their souls rest in peace. However, the careless decision the bus driver made was a selfish one. He did not put the safety of his passengers first. When those Buenos Aires citizens boarded that bus in the morning, some with their children, they put their lives and safety in the bus driver’s hands; it’s unfortunate that he felt compelled to make such a stupid decision to save time, but lost it all instead. You can read the full article here.

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